About Me

A photo passionate and PhD student of Molecular Biology and Biophysics at ETH Zurich. Likes to get to the highest mountain, good beer and stunning lonely places. Doesn’t like people who talk too much and bad weather. Photography is a way to show his own way of seeing world.

Started photography few years ago with simple point-and-shoot camera. In 2013 first time tried an old father’s DSLR camera (D60) and beloved that. Since then, tightly bound with Nikon system. Recently also an ethusiast of Analog cameras (Nikon FE and Yashica FRI).

Recently moved to full frame camera and enjoys all its benefits. In addition to standard photography, experiments also with Night Sky photography, 360° photos and Drone photography.

Someone wise once said that on each photograph there are always at least two people – the photographer and viewer. On my pictures there are three – me, you and Sara – proofreader, adviser, model, travel companion and my love.

The Map of my Photo Adventures

Dawid Zyla Placeholder
Dawid Zyla