Bern Adventure

Last Photo Adventures took me to Munsingen and Bern. The main point of the trip on Sunday was to visit Photo Munsingen, the biggest photo exhibition/meeting in Switzerland. I was also curious how other panels look like and we were lucky to still see some photo exhibitions. Among many different topics like Japanese winter, act pictures, musicians, photoshopped landscapes, one really inspired me – a couple of pictures taken by Thomas Vanoost. His pictures were multiple exposures or photos blended together in Lightroom/Photoshop. Plenty of other people are also using this technique but his work showed really chaotic scenes with very vivid colours. He also printed all photos with special technique on the glass plate to boost the colours of pictures even more. Here is my favourite picture of his presented at Photo Munsingen:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania thomas vanoostcred. Thomas Vanoost

After expositions, we headed to Bern which is ~15 min away from Munsingen. I was really astonished how beautiful Bern is – it is the most beautiful city I have visited in Switzerland. The old town is like taken directly from medieval ages. All building have wooden shades which add additional beauty besides rows of colourful flags even multiply those feelings. I can really recommend to go and visit Bern – they have also bears! Check my pictures below, some inspired by Thomas Vanoost.