Hiking day in Filzbach

For a long time we wanted to visit Filzbach and mountains in the neighborhood because of the excellent view on the Walensee and Walenstadt and a cable-car which allows to start hiking already at the decent height. It is also good to mention that it takes only 1h to get there from Zurich HB. We took a train from HB to Ziegelbrücke and then another one to Mühlehorn. From there there was a bus to Filzbach. Sportbahnen Kerenzerberg, which starts in Filzbach and goes almost to the top, is open almost whole year but not in March and April. We wanted to make a proper hike that is why we have chosen the red trail going thru Sunnenspitz to Nuenchamm. Unfortunately, we could not finish the hike because of the wet snow still laying on the slopes. Nevertheless, we had a perfect view on the Walensee and the canal connecting Welensee and Zurichsee. Check pictures below!