Kenya – Part III

Our Kenyan adventure continued; we left Amboseli early in the morning and headed to Tsavo West, which was almost 100 km away. Tsavo is the biggest national park in Kenya and has many animals, including lions and black rhinoceros. In addition to animals, Tsavo is full of old volcanoes, hills, and is almost entirely wooded, which makes it a visually enjoyable environment. Because of the latter, it is challenging to spot any animals here, as we learnt during our game dirive.

We stayed in Tsavo 2 days and slept in fantastic lodge placed on the hill with an excellent view of the valley and the water reservoir which was frequently visited by buffaloes and elephants during the night. Tsavo West is a home of the black rhino sanctuary; thus, we decided to try our luck and look for the rhinos. As I mentioned already, Tsavo is densely covered with trees and bushes, so it was almost impossible to see any of 80 rhinos spread in the 90 square km area. We were not lucky with the rhinos, but at least we have spotted the first big cats; two leopard cups were playing close to the water pound and were even willing to pose for the photos for a little while. As we  realized later, those were the only big cats we have seen in Africa…

We left Tsavo and headed towards the ocean, visiting another national park on the way. All this and more in part IV.